UKON Submissions to the VAST Challenge 2020

VAST Challenge 2020: Disaster at the internet!

"In response to an increase in malicious cyber-attacks, numerous “white hat” hacker organizations have taken it upon themselves to fight back to protect the global internet. As the attacks became more and more aggressive, one white hat group, who has so far stayed anonymous, accidentally launched a cyber event that took down the global Internet. The world’s experts are having difficulty understanding what happened and need to get in touch with the group so the effects on the internet can be neutralized and services restored. The only hope for a solution is a cyber think-tank – Center for Global Cyber Strategy, or CGCS – that may hold the key to identifying the group that caused the malfunction. The CGCS maintains awareness of various white-hat hacker groups. The CGCS maintains offline databases of anonymized data donated by the white hat community for research, including machine learning research and development, which makes it one of the few organizations with the resources to assist in this emergency. CGCS also has an ongoing project to explore the motivation, structure and infrastructure of white-hat hacker groups (one of which is responsible for the current situation)." More Information:

The presented apps are demonstrators and tools to solve the questions to the different mini-challenges. The mini-challenges were solved by bachelor and master student teams of the University of Konstanz.

MC1: somewraps
MC2: VisMe